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Love Letters
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“Love Letters from Janey” is the life story of how Janey Young, an engaged Asian American senior at Stanford University in 1960, wants to have a career after they are married. Her fiancé, Richard Cheu, is a graduate student at the University of Oregon. She seeks to reconcile a vision of her future which conflicts with cultural, societal, and family pressures to accept the “natural role” of an educated married woman.

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Availability: May 2022 in e-book format at Amazon and as a paperback at your local bookstore.

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Love Letters From Janey

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This book describes how Janey achieves a fulfilling career with the help of mentors and Richard. She is a laboratory assistant for a Nobel Prize winner at Stanford, is a California-state certified microbiologist, conducts independent research in immunology at the University of Oregon medical school, earns her Ed.D., and receives the highest technical award at Bell Laboratories while raising three sons, participating in multiple community volunteer programs and is a skier, sailor and chef, and wife of an equally active husband.

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“This is a beautiful way to chronicle challenges, evolutions, life and love. We should all be writing letters like these. This old fashioned way of communicating love is a beautiful practice for modern relationships.”

Dr. Brenda Wade TV Expert, Author, Founder of Modern Love and Relationship Trainings

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“A pleasure to read, this book is a love letter to the long lost creative skill of letter writing. Taking readers on a decades-long journey into the heart and soul of two extremely talented people via the handwritten letters from Janey to Richard, it reveals their love and commitment to each other and their insights into the challenges faced by Chinese-Americans.”

William Belford Former chancellor of the Archdiocese of New York

    Love Letters From Janey

    Available May 2022 on Amazon & in your local bookstore

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    The book will be released in May 2022, and can be purchased as en e-book on Amazon, or as a paperback in your local bookstore.