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About The Author

Richard Cheu

Born in San Francisco 1937, raised in San Francisco’s segregated Chinatown, attended Lowell High School.

St. John’s University

Ph.D. student in World History (2017 to present)

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A Brief Biography

Stanford University

Undergraduate fellow in embryology, Stanford University A.B., biological sciences, Stanford University

Northwestern University

M.B.A., marketing and international economics, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


Received U.S. Patent for inventing a method of improving visual performance

University of Oregon

M.S. biological sciences, University of Oregon U.S. Public Health Fellowship in physiology, University of Oregon Medical School


Ordained Catholic Deacon Ph.D. student in World History, St. John’s University (2017 to present)


Advisor to the Minister of Finances, Taiwan. Developed the economic plan transforming Taiwan into a modern, market-driven economy.

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Animated Peach Blossom 2

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